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Treating the Behaviors Associated with Autism

There’s nothing that makes parents feel more helpless than not being able to communicate with or effectively help their children. If your child is acting out, engaging in self-harming behaviors, becoming aggressive with others, or exhibiting any of the maladaptive behaviors associated with autism and other related diagnosis, reach out to the dedicated team at Springbrook. Our comprehensive autism program treats the whole child in addition to correcting the destructive behavior.

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Often, families come to us only after months, or even years, of trying to handle a behavioral or mental health issue themselves. After they have explored every other option, after they have exhausted their resources, or after their loved ones’ behavioral issues have become so acute that they’re a danger to themselves or others. We understand that when you come to the moment when you can’t help your loved one any longer, you face a range of complicated and confusing emotions.

We also know exactly what you, and your loved one, need most in that moment: Competence and Care. Really, what you need in a mental health emergency is not so different from what you need in any other kind of medical emergency. You need a specially-trained team that is not afraid to take charge, that is confident and decisive, but also attentive, treating their patient as a person, not a diagnosis. A team that is capable and efficient, but also kind, responsive, and approachable.

We believe that competence and care are the two pillars of effective behavioral and mental health treatment. That’s why we hire only highly-trained, highly-experienced medical staff to work with our patients, and also why we give tours of our facility to family members, taking a holistic approach to healing that includes family counseling and regular visits and phone calls. You know your loved one best; we know behavioral and mental health treatment best. Between the two of us, we can bring your family to a place of hope and healing.

Our Comprehensive ABA Program Treats Behavioral Issues Associated with Autism

Springbrook Behavioral Health offers treatment programs for behavioral problems that are linked to autism. The Autism Program at Springbrook is a goal-oriented treatment plan designed to minimize the self-destructive behaviors that are often seen in children with autism and related diagnoses. At the core of our program is Applied Behavior Analysis—a discipline that uses evidence-based interventions to improve socially significant behaviors.

Some of the interventions of our successful ABA program for children with autism include visual schedules, play therapy, story-based interventions that ask students to imagine themselves in social situations and plan ahead to decrease anxiety, peer training, modeling behaviors, and teaching joining techniques. All of our interventions are both comprehensive, meaning we maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio and work intensively in a variety of settings, and naturalistic, meaning that we provide a naturally stimulating environment, model play, communication, and good social skills, and allow time for child-initiated interactions. Ultimately, the goal of our program is not merely to eliminate an undesirable behavior but to equip children with autism with the tools they need to manage themselves and become more flexible, spontaneous, and adaptable to social situations.

Our Services Focus on Autism Assessment and Care and Behavioral Health

The Autism Program

The Autism Program at Springbrook offers both inpatient and outpatient care and receives applications from all over the southeast including Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida and other areas. Our program is tailored to the child with autism and goal-oriented, rather than for long-term care. For each of our patients, we construct a customized program for autism that minimizes stimulation, promotes learning, and decreases destructive behaviors.

Some of our specialized programming for children on the autism spectrum involves therapy groups, sensory integration, and behavioral plans. We are especially proud of our extracurricular activities, including Miracle League Baseball, a little league team specifically for children with special needs, our recreational education, and our partnership with the Einstein Academy for special education.

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Providing Competent Behavioral Health Care for Families in Crisis

Our mission is simple: To treat every patient with steady hands and soft hearts. Patients who are dealing with acute behavioral or mental health issues, whether they are trying to manage severe depression, overcome an addiction, or decrease destructive behaviors, need a strong, capable guide for the journey. The dedicated staff at Springbrook provides our patients with much-needed structure, routine, and recovery management while never forgetting the individual behind the behavior.

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