Autism and Behavioral Health Programs

Treating the Behaviors Associated with Autism

There’s nothing that makes parents feel more helpless than not being able to communicate with or effectively help their children. If your child is acting out, engaging in self-harming behaviors, becoming aggressive with others, or exhibiting any of the maladaptive behaviors associated with autism and other related diagnosis, reach out to the dedicated team at Springbrook. Our comprehensive autism program treats the whole child in addition to correcting the destructive behavior.

Addressing the COVID-19 Virus

Here at Springbrook Behavioral Health we know that you have a lot of questions and concerns with respect to the COVID-19 coronavirus. We would like to share with you what we are doing to help keep our patients, employees, and visitors healthy and safe:

Facility Cleanliness: In addition to the well-established cleaning protocols already in place, we have significantly amplified those to highly sanitize heavy use areas with cleaners deemed by the EPA to be effective against coronavirus.

Temporary Administrative Actions to Limit Patient Exposure: Springbrook Behavioral Health is a psychiatric facility which currently transfers patients to a medical facility when their medical needs surpass their behavioral or psychiatric needs. As such, we have the advantage of being able to quarantine or deny admittance and entry to those with greatest exposure or symptom risk. We have implemented protocols to temporarily screen those high exposure risk patients to immediately quarantine or deny admittance where applicable. Current patients who develop fever and have a negative influenza and streptococcal throat test will be strictly isolated until they can transfer either to their home or a medical facility for continued care. In addition, we are temporarily limiting patient outings and therapeutic leave of absences to reduce patient exposure to the environment outside of Springbrook. We are fortunate that we are a large facility with a full gym, pool, sensory rooms, and many other areas to ensure patients are able to remain active in the absence of these outings.

Communication and Guidance: We are monitoring the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and a variety of other federal and state authorities for updates on COVID-19. Rest assured we have implemented all guidance and recommendations and will continue to do so.

Training and Preparedness: Our medical, professional staff are highly trained in handling potentially ill patients, isolation procedures, and the type of immediate, appropriate action to take to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our patients, visitors and staff.

Patients, families, and employees become part of our Springbrook family. We are honored that you have entrusted us with your care, and the care of your loved ones. We want to assure you that we take that responsibility very seriously and that we have implemented actions that we would take to protect our own families.


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Mike Rowley
Administrator/CEO, Springbrook Behavioral Health System


When the parents of children with autism reach out to Springbrook, it’s often only after trying to do it all for years. Trying to balance work, life, and child care—trying to balance caring for other children in the household along with the demands of caring for a special needs child. Trying to hold it all together while a child struggles with acute, self-destructive or maladaptive behaviors. Our staff understands that when parents come to that moment when they realize they need outside services and support, they feel conflicting and complicated emotions.

Perhaps you’re one of these parents, one of these families, and you’re facing this very difficult decision. You might feel a strange mixture of hope and fear, you might feel some relief mixed with an inexplicable sense of failure, or you might feel completely numb. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s alright to let go and lean on someone else for a change. The Autism Program at Springbrook Behavioral Health hires only compassionate, confident, specially-trained staff members who treat each child as a unique and important individual.

Through our personalized, evidence-based treatments and therapies, we work patiently to help each child achieve some level of success and self-sufficiency outside of the program. Our holistic approach emphasizes education, overall well-being, ongoing progress, and family involvement, so we encourage visits, phone calls, and family counseling in addition to our regular autism therapy programs. Ultimately, our goal for children with autism is not that different from the goals of any behavioral or mental health center: To help the patient build a routine and manage the symptoms of the condition through therapy, diet, exercise, and medication.

Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health prohibits admission discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, language, mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, and gender or expression.

Our Comprehensive ABA Program Treats Behavioral Issues Associated with Autism

Springbrook Behavioral Health offers treatment programs for behavioral problems that are linked to autism. The Autism Program at Springbrook is a goal-oriented treatment plan designed to minimize the self-destructive behaviors that are often seen in children with autism and related diagnoses. At the core of our program is Applied Behavior Analysis—a discipline that uses evidence-based interventions to improve socially significant behaviors.

Some of the interventions of our successful ABA program for children with autism include visual schedules, play therapy, story-based interventions that ask students to imagine themselves in social situations and plan ahead to decrease anxiety, peer training, modeling behaviors, and teaching joining techniques. All of our interventions are both comprehensive, meaning we maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio and work intensively in a variety of settings, and naturalistic, meaning that we provide a naturally stimulating environment, model play, communication, and good social skills, and allow time for child-initiated interactions. Ultimately, the goal of our program is not merely to eliminate an undesirable behavior but to equip children with autism with the tools they need to manage themselves and become more flexible, spontaneous, and adaptable to social situations.


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Together We Can Find Hope and Healing

The dedicated staff at Springbrook is driven by a singular purpose: To help every child who comes into our care overcome the maladaptive behaviors associated with autism, becoming more self-sufficient, more social, and better equipped for life after treatment. We understand that children with autism, and their families, need professionals who can offer strong guidance, personalized support, and patience on the journey.

"My favorite part about treatment team is hearing my progress and seeing Jessie [the therapy dog onsite]"

"My son is doing much better, thanks to you and the other good folks at Springbrook. I SO appreciate the professional yet compassionate care you all provided my son, you, Dr. Fisher, nursing, and the mental heath techs alike. Everyone was so kind, understanding, and supportive of not just my son but of me as well, recognizing how difficult the decision to place him in Residential Treatment was for me. I appreciated being able to call at any time for updates on how he was doing, the weekly RN notes informing me of his successes and, yes, of his setbacks. I never felt out of touch."

"Things are going great! Thanks for all your help in the progress my son has made. H has had a good first week back at school!"

"My favorite RT group is when we do exercise"

"I think Springbrook has helped me the most with my treatment"

"I like school it is very fun"

"The staff really care about us."

"Ms. Sharniece is one of my favorite staff because she encouraged me to do well and to never give up on my treatment."