Celebrate Autism Awareness Month Beyond April

Last month, the nation celebrated Autism Awareness Month as it does every April – a great opportunity to learn about autism, spread awareness and show support for those in your community who are impacted by the neurological disorder. At Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health, we focus on autism every day, and we want to inspire others to do the same, not only in April but throughout the year.

To that end, we put together 5 Tips to Continue Autism Awareness Year-round:



  1. Learn More

When it comes to autism, there is no shortage of information available. There are groups across the country – and, likely, in your state – that specialize in sharing the results of autism studies, new treatment paths and navigating the autism diagnosis. It’s important to obtain accurate and up-to-date information when learning about autism. Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health has a number of resources on its website to help with autism education.

Autism Speaks is also a great resource for finding treatment programs, autism-friendly medical professionals and community support networks.


  1. Volunteer

Find a program or organization dedicated to helping people with autism, and get involved. A number of organizations – especially nonprofits – depend heavily on volunteers who often play a huge role in making an event or project a success. Not sure where to volunteer? Contact Springbrook for more information about how to get involved and where to get involved.


  1. Donate and Fundraise

Donations and fundraisers allow organizations and groups to continue providing resources that may be critical to families and individuals in the autism community. Check with local groups and see how you can help. Find out what needs the groups have and organize fundraising drives to meet those needs.


  1. Get social

Social media makes sharing and accessing information easier than it has ever been. Share intriguing articles and human interest stories with your network of followers. The stories are often impactful and give a voice to individuals in the autism community. Springbrook’s Facebook page is a good place to start when looking for this type of content.


  1. Be a friend or mentor

A simple way to support the autism community – as well as learn more about the disorder – is to spend time with people on the spectrum. It’s a great way to learn first-hand about autism, how it affects individuals differently and how it can be treated.


At Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health, we work with your child to discover which treatments and therapies will lead to the best results. Our goal is to promote growth and independent living for every child, using the means that are most effective for each individual. Contact us today for a private consultation or to tour our campus.