Helping Grandchildren with Autism

4 Tips For Grandparents of a Child on the Autism Spectrum From the thrill of the pregnancy announcement to the first time you hold your child’s child, becoming a grandparent is traditionally an experience filled with expectation and happiness. Watching grandchildren grow can be one of life’s greatest joys, but based on recent statistics, an

Autism Research on a Grand Scale: The Autism Genome Project

Autism Genome Project

At the most basic level, human life relies on the vast amounts of information contained in an individual’s genetic code. From cell growth to visible characteristics, every detail of a person’s physical existence is determined by their genes. While geneticists have studied the minutiae of genes for decades, the first concerted effort to map the

Helping Kids with Autism Handle Emergencies: Clear Communication is Critical

Kids with autism & Emergencies

Remember the Three C’s of Communication in an Emergency   In the previous post, we discussed the importance of advanced planning when it comes to helping family members with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) successful cope with potentially dangerous situations. Planning in advance, communicating those plans with neighbors and first responders, and even practicing for emergency

Safety First: Disaster Preparedness for Families of Children with Autism

Disaster Preparedness & Autism

Safety First: Disaster Preparedness for Families of Children with Autism As a parent, how should you approach disaster preparedness if one or more of your children is on the autism spectrum? A quick review of recent headlines underscores the importance of developing a comprehensive family emergency plan. From floods and hurricanes to tornadoes and wildfires,

Two New High-Tech Wearables for Kids with ASD Look Promising

A new app-controlled pressure vest to reduce anxiety for kids with ASD and augmented reality (AR) glasses to improve social interaction are in development this year and doing well in peer-reviewed studies. For many years now, researchers in the autism field have focused on technology-aided approaches to help improve everything from communication challenges and social

Drowning Prevention for Children with Autism

Specialized swim lessons and water safety courses can save lives for kids with ASD If you’re the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, it’s likely that accidental drowning is high on your list of fears. Water safety and drowning prevention for children with autism are absolutely essential skills to begin teaching early and

Theme Parks Begin Offering Accommodations for Children with Autism

Theme Park Accommodations for Children with Autism

Joining a long line of businesses that host special sensory-friendly events, many theme parks have begun offering accommodations for children with autism. Parents of children with autism spectrum disorders are well aware of the dilemma. Kids with ASD often become greatly attached to the characters from their favorite shows and films and, like other children,

Autism in Adulthood: Preparing Your Child for Independent Living

Autism in Adulthood

It’s a question that looms large for every parent of a child with autism. I finally feel like I’m starting to understand the realities of living with a child on the spectrum—but how will my child manage autism in adulthood? Will she be able to handle living on her own, or will she need some

Early Intervention for Autism Proven to Promote Positive Outcomes

Early Intervention for Autism

As scientists conduct more research and increase their knowledge about the complex nature of ASD, study after study confirms the importance of early intervention for autism. Research shows that with intense early intervention, children with autism experience more long-term positive outcomes, including gains in IQ, more developed communication skills, and better social interactions. Children as