Transitioning Back Home from a Residential Treatment Facility

By William Killion, PhD, BCBA Enlisting the help of a residential treatment facility can often be the most difficult decision parents of children with autism face, particularly if that treatment center is far from home. Parents who have likely had little to no separation from their child throughout the daily caregiving process feel innate anxiety

Tapping into Your Child’s Potential

700 hours, 11 months and 56,000 Legos went into creating the world’s largest Titanic replica. At the center of this creation was a 10-year-old boy from Iceland with a passion for Legos and a deep interest in the Titanic. Brynjar Karl Bigisson, now 15, is on the Autism spectrum. Like many children with autism, he

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month Beyond April

Last month, the nation celebrated Autism Awareness Month as it does every April – a great opportunity to learn about autism, spread awareness and show support for those in your community who are impacted by the neurological disorder. At Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health, we focus on autism every day, and we want to inspire others

Springbrook Hosts SCSARDA for Training with Autistic Children

Autism Awareness Month: SCSARDA Training Day by Rebecca Johnson As part of Autism Awareness month in April, we were happy to be able to call upon our partners at the South Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association to conduct a training day with some of our clients. The premise? The clients would be hidden in

Four ways dogs help children with autism

For families of children with autism, the decision to get a dog can be a challenging one. In addition to the usual considerations of care, cost and training needs all families must consider when adding a dog to the household, ASD families also need to consider whether having a pet will provide therapeutic benefits to

Autism Research Trends and Developments from 2017

Our Top 3 Autism Breakthroughs This Past Year As a provider of evidence-based treatments and therapies for autism, the Springbrook team feels invested in current data as well as scientific and technological breakthroughs for autism. Looking back over the past year, it’s clear that 2017 has been an exciting year for autism research. We’ve seen

Extension of Autism Care Demonstration for TRICARE Eligible Beneficiaries Announced

TRICARE Eligible Extension for Autism

What Does this Mean for Military Families of Children with Autism? This month, the U.S. Department of Defense elected to extend the comprehensive autism care demonstration for TRICARE eligible beneficiaries diagnosed with ASD. The initial goal of the program was to further analyze and evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services,

9-Year-Old Boy Explains His Autism to Classmates in Viral Video

Autism Viral Video

Why We Love This Video About Autism A fourth grader named George Yionoulis took to YouTube to explain his autism to his classmates—and his efforts soon became a viral video. The project began as a presentation assignment from his teacher. Instead of standing in front of the class and talking about himself, George decided to

Uncovering the Truth About Autism and Anxiety

What Understanding Anxiety Means for Treating Autism Autism and Anxiety are Linked—But Not in the Way Most People Assume Two recent studies published this month indicate that anxiety heightens the threat response and makes social communication more difficult for children with autism, rather than the other way around. While it is well-known that anxiety is

Top 5 Myths About Sign Language and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sign Language and ASD: Myth Vs Fact Until very recently, many special education experts have been reluctant to teach American Sign Language (ASL) to children with autism or to encourage parents to practice signing at home. This reluctance has been due to a variety beliefs and biases against signing—most of which have been proven false