Tapping into Your Child’s Potential

700 hours, 11 months and 56,000 Legos went into creating the world’s largest Titanic replica. At the center of this creation was a 10-year-old boy from Iceland with a passion for Legos and a deep interest in the Titanic. Brynjar Karl Bigisson, now 15, is on the Autism spectrum. Like many children with autism, he

Four ways dogs help children with autism

For families of children with autism, the decision to get a dog can be a challenging one. In addition to the usual considerations of care, cost and training needs all families must consider when adding a dog to the household, ASD families also need to consider whether having a pet will provide therapeutic benefits to

9-Year-Old Boy Explains His Autism to Classmates in Viral Video

Autism Viral Video

Why We Love This Video About Autism A fourth grader named George Yionoulis took to YouTube to explain his autism to his classmates—and his efforts soon became a viral video. The project began as a presentation assignment from his teacher. Instead of standing in front of the class and talking about himself, George decided to

Uncovering the Truth About Autism and Anxiety

What Understanding Anxiety Means for Treating Autism Autism and Anxiety are Linked—But Not in the Way Most People Assume Two recent studies published this month indicate that anxiety heightens the threat response and makes social communication more difficult for children with autism, rather than the other way around. While it is well-known that anxiety is

Helping Grandchildren with Autism

From the thrill of the pregnancy announcement to the first time you hold your child’s child, becoming a grandparent is traditionally an experience filled with expectation and happiness. Watching grandchildren grow can be one of life’s greatest joys, but based on recent statistics, an increasing number of grandparents are learning what it means to have

Safety First: Disaster Preparedness for Families of Children with Autism

Disaster Preparedness & Autism

Safety First: Disaster Preparedness for Families of Children with Autism As a parent, how should you approach disaster preparedness if one or more of your children is on the autism spectrum? A quick review of recent headlines underscores the importance of developing a comprehensive family emergency plan. From floods and hurricanes to tornadoes and wildfires,

Drowning Prevention for Children with Autism

Specialized swim lessons and water safety courses can save lives for kids with ASD If you’re the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, it’s likely that accidental drowning is high on your list of fears. Water safety and drowning prevention for children with autism are absolutely essential skills to begin teaching early and

Acceptance and Keeping LIFE SIMPLE

Acceptance and Keeping LIFE SIMPLE By:  Carol Meloy, LMSW   When most people hear the word acceptance they immediately think it means that one must resign or surrender to the given circumstances, whether current or past, to immediately provide forgiveness to individuals that have hurt you. Good News!  That is not the meaning of acceptance

Addressing temper tantrums

Behavioral Health: Addressing temper tantrums One of the more common problems that can be experienced with any developing child can be the act of temper tantrums. Due to limitations in communication or understanding this can even be greater for those with developmental disabilities such as autism. A key is to determine what the motivation is