Acceptance and Keeping LIFE SIMPLE

Acceptance and Keeping LIFE SIMPLE By:  Carol Meloy, LMSW   When most people hear the word acceptance they immediately think it means that one must resign or surrender to the given circumstances, whether current or past, to immediately provide forgiveness to individuals that have hurt you. Good News!  That is not the meaning of acceptance

Addressing temper tantrums

Behavioral Health: Addressing temper tantrums One of the more common problems that can be experienced with any developing child can be the act of temper tantrums. Due to limitations in communication or understanding this can even be greater for those with developmental disabilities such as autism. A key is to determine what the motivation is

Time to talk: Communicative Reinforcement in Autism

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Time 2 Talk:Understanding two principles of Communicative Reinforcement in Autism Communication is the modality of life. No human being fully develops in its absence.   These two statements are founded upon two basic principles. We communicate to:   1) Access what we want 2) Avoid what we don’t   Its that simple.   Typically, from