Looking Back on the First Annual Converge Autism Conference

converge overview

Springbrook Behavioral Health hosted the first annual Converge Autism Conference on February 9-10, and the entire staff is thrilled and overwhelmed by the response that the event received. Teachers, school counselors, parents, behavioral health specialists, occupational therapists, and other professionals from all across the southeast joined us for the two-day summit to learn about advances, as well as best practices, in the care and education of children with special needs.

One of our favorite parts of the event was the panels we held with participants during lunch, which gave us all the chance to compare notes, to ask questions, and to discuss issues related to autism and associated disorders. Our goal is to continue to host and expand this conference each year, offering more speakers, more insights, and more resources for attendees. Next year, we believe Converge will be an even more valuable event for educators and parents as well as a much-needed time to network and connect.


How to Get Involved With the Conference Next Year

If you were unable to attend Converge this year, we hope that you’ll make plans to join us next year. Keep an eye on our blog, we will announce next year’s dates on there. In the meantime, please browse our blog for additional autism resources and content from the conference, including broadcasts of Mental Health News Radio interviewing Dr. Fisher, Jeff Cohn, and Mike Rowley at the Converge Conference.

The Springbrook Autism Program is a short-term residential, behavioral program that focuses on Applied Behavior Analysis and Occupational Therapy in addition to other evidence-based therapies and treatments for autism. For 24/7 confidential help and referrals, feel free to call us at 864.834.8013. Our staff loves helping children with autism succeed at home, at school, and in life after school.