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Four ways dogs help children with autism

For families of children with autism, the decision to get a dog can be a challenging one. In addition to the usual considerations of care, cost and training needs all families must consider when adding a dog to the household, ASD families also need to consider whether having a pet will provide therapeutic benefits to

9-Year-Old Boy Explains His Autism to Classmates in Viral Video

Autism Viral Video

Why We Love This Video About Autism A fourth grader named George Yionoulis took to YouTube to explain his autism to his classmates—and his efforts soon became a viral video. The project began as a presentation assignment from his teacher. Instead of standing in front of the class and talking about himself, George decided to

Uncovering the Truth About Autism and Anxiety

What Understanding Anxiety Means for Treating Autism Autism and Anxiety are Linked—But Not in the Way Most People Assume Two recent studies published this month indicate that anxiety heightens the threat response and makes social communication more difficult for children with autism, rather than the other way around. While it is well-known that anxiety is

Two New High-Tech Wearables for Kids with ASD Look Promising

A new app-controlled pressure vest to reduce anxiety for kids with ASD and augmented reality (AR) glasses to improve social interaction are in development this year and doing well in peer-reviewed studies. For many years now, researchers in the autism field have focused on technology-aided approaches to help improve everything from communication challenges and social

Theme Parks Begin Offering Accommodations for Children with Autism

Theme Park Accommodations for Children with Autism

Joining a long line of businesses that host special sensory-friendly events, many theme parks have begun offering accommodations for children with autism. Parents of children with autism spectrum disorders are well aware of the dilemma. Kids with ASD often become greatly attached to the characters from their favorite shows and films and, like other children,

Early Intervention for Autism Proven to Promote Positive Outcomes

Early Intervention for Autism

As scientists conduct more research and increase their knowledge about the complex nature of ASD, study after study confirms the importance of early intervention for autism. Research shows that with intense early intervention, children with autism experience more long-term positive outcomes, including gains in IQ, more developed communication skills, and better social interactions. Children as

5 Travel Tips for Children with Autism

Travel tips for children with autism

5 Travel Tips for Children with Autism Summer means extra sun, longer days, and much-needed vacation time. If you are the parent of a child with ASD, the break from your normal routine can also cause you a lot of stress and anxiety. You don’t want to overburden your sensory sensitive child, but you don’t

Keeping Kids with Autism Safe: Search & Rescue Training Day

How Search & Rescue Training Protects Children With ASD The Springbrook staff is committed to helping our community and keeping kids with autism safe. Elopement, or getting lost, is one of the primary safety concerns for children on the autism spectrum and their parents, which is why we recently hosted our second Search & Rescue

Understanding the Minimally Verbal or Nonverbal Child with Autism

Communication Tips for Parents Perhaps one of the most frustrating issues for the parents and other family members of a minimally verbal or nonverbal child with autism is the inability to fully connect. Children on the autism spectrum often have difficulty with language and relate better to objects than people, which can make it especially

Sesame Street Unveils Its Newest Character: A Little Girl With Autism

autism representation in entertainment

Julia is a bright, happy 4-year-old who happens to be on the autism spectrum In April, the classic children’s television program Sesame Street is introducing its first new permanent character in 10 years. Julia is a lovable 4-year-old muppet with bright red hair and striking green eyes who likes to draw, pick flowers, and sing.