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Summer Activities for Kids with Autism and Their Families

summer activities for kids with autism

Summer can be a stressful time for all parents. What exactly are you supposed to do with your children for three months? For parents of children with autism, this question can be even more stressful, and even more important. You may worry that the break from routine will be overly disruptive for your child, or

Ensuring Proper Diet and Nutrition for Children with Autism

nutrition for children with autism

Getting kids to eat a well-balanced diet can be a challenge for any parent—but ensuring good nutrition for children with autism can be particularly difficult. Between sensory sensitivities, avoidance of certain tastes, smells, and textures, and a more intense need for structure and routine, making mealtime nutritious and peaceful for the entire family can feel

Promoting Home Safety for Children With Autism

home safety for children with autism

Tips for protecting your child at home Parents want to create a home that is a nurturing, safe environment for their children—and every parent’s worst nightmare is a preventable home accident or other emergency that puts their child in danger. Home safety for children with autism is even more important, and more difficult, as these

Military Parents of Special Needs Children Can Find Acceptance and Support


Plain speak perspectives from one military dad and his journey with his special needs child. By DJ Reyes, Colonel US Army (retired) Why some military parents may have a difficult time acknowledging that they have a special needs child. *Disclaimer. Below are some thoughts I’d like to share with my fellow military parents of special

Physical Touch for Kids with Autism: A Basic Human Need

love languages and autism physical touch1

How to use touch to express love to a touch-defensive child Written By: Jennifer Ammacher, M.A. Physical touch is a basic human need for everyone, including children with autism—even children who have sensory processing disorders and may be defensive against touch. Touch is a natural instinct that provides emotional security. It’s also the easiest of

The Five Love Languages and Children with Autism

love language overview blog1

Tips for adapting love languages to meet the needs of kids with ASD Written By: Jennifer Ammacher, M.A. Like all parents, the parents of children with Autism and related disorders want to express unconditional love and support for their kids. In fact, feeling unable to express love and care is one of the biggest frustrations

Businesses Offer Sensory Friendly Events to Help the Autism Community

Sensory friendly store hours and film screenings are more inclusive for children with autism. More and more businesses and other groups have begun partnering with families in the autism community to offer special, sensory friendly events. If you’re the parent of a kid on the autism spectrum, then you know that completing everyday tasks like running