5 things that will help your child do better with school

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5 things that will help your child do better with school


  1. Aim high.

You have to understand that your expectations as a parent have a huge impact when it comes to student performance. If you don’t expect your child to do well, your expectations will likely be met.


  1. Positive words.

It matters what you say and how you say it to your child. They need to hear you say phrases like “You can do it.” “You will do it.”, “You have to try”. Most of our children hear a lot of negative talk throughout the day such as, “you can’t”, “you won’t”,” you will never”. Make sure your kids hear positive phrases from you.


  1. Prioritize study time.

All children need down time, and playing both alone and with other children is good for both their intellectual and social skills. However, as a matter of priority, children should, within reason, be encouraged to work first and play second. Children also should have regular study hours during which to complete their schoolwork. As the child gets older, this designated study time should get longer. While they are working on their school you continue to be present to assist with any questions they may have.


  1. Provide a proper homework environment.

Be sure your child has all the tools needed to do his or her best – desk, a chair, good lighting, necessary school supplies (paper, pencils, pens, calculators, computers, rulers, compasses, protractors, paper clips, note pads, etc.) and, most important, a quiet place to work.


  1. Set a good example.

Let your child see that learning doesn’t end when we leave school. Model good learning behavior in the way you deal with your job and household responsibilities and let your children know that you are still learning. Be sure that you show your child – through your own action – that good educational habits yield great academic rewards.


ʺKnowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.” – Claire Fagan